Holiday rental and coronavirus take on new meaning in a time when we’re trying to protect our health in all the spaces we inhabit, even temporarily.
Faced with this situation, Dream Homes Lanzarote has redoubled its efforts to make guests feel that they’re in a place where their health is never at risk.
Staying in a tourism property means your space is exclusive to you, with no non-essential contact with those not in your group. Complete cleaning and disinfection of the apartment is guaranteed, to the highest standards required by the health authorities. In addition, the apartment is left empty for 24 hours before your arrival in order to ensure no external contamination after the sanitisation process.
A tourism rental apartment is the best way to enjoy a vacation in Lanzarote under the new rules and measures that have been adopted because of the pandemic.
No social distancing required.
Your holiday apartment is shared only with your holiday companions. There are no common spaces in which you are forced to interact with people outside your group, like bathrooms, kitchens, breakfast rooms, corridors or swimming pools. A holiday apartment is exclusive to you while away from your home, and therefore the place that best protects you.
Complete disinfection

The complete disinfection of our tourist properties has always been a priority for Dream Homes Lanzarote, and to achieve this, we use hypochlorite and other specific cleaning products for different areas. During the coronavirus crisis our cleaning protocol and list of disinfectants guarantee even better hygiene for the complete elimination of all types of microorganisms present in water and air, including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Apartment isolation period.
Once the house has been disinfected, it enters a 24-hour quarantine period in which no one can enter. The tourism rental apartment remains empty during this time to reinforce health and safety procedures and prevent risk of recontamination inside the house.
Dream Home‘s commitment to the professionalization of the sector has only been strengthened this year, as we have ensured protective measures for all our workers. Both the housekeeping and maintenance staff of our tourist apartments and our front-desk employees have the necessary equipment and means to carry out their work without putting their health or that of our guests at risk. Today, more than ever, we are capable of successfully seeing our visitors through any circumstance and providing effective solutions.


With an impressive 26 year track record of excellent service in the hospitality and tourist industry, we continue to satisfy and delight our clients by exceeding their expectations when staying in one of our many beautiful rental properties across the amazing island of Lanzarote.

Our offices are easily located in the middle of the tourist resort of Playa Blanca. Our friendly team of professionals is dedicated to the management and administration of properties, efficiently booking holiday reservations, and the servicing, cleaning and maintenance of properties. We also offer a reliable 24 hour emergency assistance service for each property, with other additional services specifically designed to keep our guests permanently happy.

Since we arrived in Lanzarote in the early 70s we have watched the island’s properties reach the highest European Standards. Lanzarote’s development has been carried out carefully, with continuous consideration for its charm and beauty. It still maintains its unique landscape, and visitors continue to enjoy the island’s tranquillity, its beautiful beaches and clear waters, its places of leisure and recreation and its clean air and warm weather all year round.

Let us find the perfect holiday rental for you!

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